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"Simplify the search for equivalents and analogues of drugs in foreign countries to travelers, expats and tourists."

Pillintrip.com is an online resource designed to provide detailed and up-to-date pharmaceutical information on drug substitutability worldwide. Pillintrip.com is the only and unique resource of its kind that allows you to search for analogues of drugs around the globe. Our experienced employees constantly analyze and update the site with the help of information that is painstakingly collected on the Internet. Since the information is mostly intended for travelers, tourists and expatriates, we rely on data collected in all countries of the world.

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Pillintrip.com is NOT an online pharmacy.
Pillintrip.com is NOT an online pharmacy and does not condone the sale of prescription drugs over the Internet without a prescription. Pillintrip.com simply provides a free medical information service that will help you better understand how the same or similar medicines are called in different countries of the world, as well as a little about how medicines work: their use, side effects and the ability to interact with other medicines.

Pillintrip.com Database
All information for Pillintrip.com is painstakingly collected from open sources. Specially trained pharmacist (Currently working in a pharmacy as a pharmacist) take part in the search and examine of all income data. Information is collected from regional forums, local official directories and local pharmacy sites.

Database regularly reviewed and examined by our algorithm with help of websites:

Evgeny Yudin - CEO, and Person responsible for the whole content of Pillintrip.com.

Since the main purpose of the site is to provide travelers, expatriates and ordinary tourists with an opportunity to find their own medicines in foreign pharmacies, the information was mostly collected from traveler forums.

Sources are not listed, since the information collected is public, and sources are in the hundreds. Information (drug name, composition and presence in a particular country) is checked and often modified (for example, absolute synonyms of the composition should be reduced to a single spelling in accordance with medical reference books) for convenience of perception.

Note: Pillintrip.com is not an online pharmacy or medical encyclopedia. We provide reference information about equivalents and analogues of drugs. All information was taken from public sources, therefore, even despite the checks of our specialists, Pillintrip.com does not guarantee reliability!

Important: Pillintrip.com does NOT provide medical or pharmacological advice, diagnostic services or treatment recommendations. Check with your doctor, pharmacist, or other health care provider.

Pillintrip.com is NOT affiliated with pharmaceutical companies. Our website does not host any form of advertisement. Pillintrip.com is currently funded exclusively by Evgeny Yudin (CEO and owner of Pillintrip.com) it means without external funding.

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Updated: November 21, 2018